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  • Bio oriented polyester film ( BOPET )

  • Bio -oriented polypropylene (BOPP )

They are mainly used in the packaging industry and for electrical aislation.


This product has high quality photo printing, high barrier and are suitable for food packaging requiring zero atmosphere providing a shelf for a long time.


  • High density polyethylene Resin (HDPE)

  • Low density polyethylene Resin (LDPE)

  • Linear low density polyethylene polyethylene Resin (LLDPE )

  • Polypropylene Resin (PP)

  • Polyethylene terefthalato Resin (PET).


All are top quality resin, which minimizes the consumption of raw material, optimizing performance improves cost -output ratio.


We sell in primary forms to supply all the need in plastics industry, from producers of films for bags for general use, agricultural use, retail use in supermarket chains, to manufacture all kinds of plastic parts that contribute to the packaging industry.


Plastic (or polymer) consist of long chains of organic molecules called monomers. Polymers do not exist naturally and in most cases are designed to be incredibly stable - as a result do not readily biodegrade and will last in the environment for centuries and possibly forever. They are impervious to air and water.


Eco -One is an organic additive that leads to the biodegradation of the plastic through a series of chemical and biological processes when disposed in um microbes rich environment such as a landfill. It allows the plastic to be consumed (as a food and energy source) by the microbes.


They are Pigments and additives are industry as dispersions or masterbatch, which are used in the following plastic resins: polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, nylon, PET, PVC, acetals, terpomímeros and others. These resins are used for tubular film, cast film, biaxially oriented film, bottle blowing, injection and rotomolding.


We possess the full range of inorganic and organic colors, free of heavy metals.



Clear packing tape are widely used to carton packaging, bag sealing, heavy-weight and light-weight boxes sealing, with manual or machine application. Any colors and sizes are available. ​


Bopp packing tape is made of BOPP film and coated with water based acrylic adhesive, and with an excellent adhesion and strength. ​Basement adhesion: coated on pressure- sensitive adhesive


1. Excellent adhesion and easy to shear.

2. Resistance to cold, heat and aging

3. High mechanical strength and good impact resistance for bopp box packing tape. Ideal for use in dispensers

4. Excellent performance for both hand and machine application.


  • UV Protector: used in plastic products when you want to increase its life and to protect agricultural crops.

  • Sliding: form an invisible film on the surface, reducing the coefficient of friction to facilitate packaging of the packaging and increasing productivity

  • Antioxidants: helps to inhibit or retard the oxidation mechanism.

  • Help or process: generating a renewable surface coating on the metal matrix, where the resin slides, reducing the number of fractures on the surface of the injected or blown material. This is especially useful when working with recycled material. Improves the quality of the extruded surface, reduces deposits that may remain in the matrix and generally improves the performance.


  • They are insoluble colorants. Have a high refractive index and the application means not chemically or physically affected.

  • Sold as powder concentrate, with the pure color, without dispersion. We have all colors.

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